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A small minority cultural follow in Haiti is Haitian Vodou. This most likely originated in Benin, though there are strong parts added from the Congo of Central Africa and plenty of African nations are represented within the liturgy of Sèvis Lwa.

The dances and a few types of recreation tie in with African activities. The preparation of beans is completed within the style of Western Africa. Popular literature retains fables and different varieties which are expressed in the vernacular. Economic actions are typical of Western culture and clothes tends to be European, but the scarf worn by women over the top is typical of clothing worn all through West Africa. Culture, religion and social group are the end in Haiti of a process of syncretism between French and African traditions, primarily Dahomey-Nigerian.

This, combined with calls for annexation of Cuba within the United States, led to the Spanish–American War, and in 1902 Cuba gained formal independence. The total article inhabitants in the official 1953 Census was 5,829,029 people.

In the north, these are sometimes known as Rites Congo or Lemba. Many loa are of Congolese origin, such as Basimbi and Lemba. Although Haiti averages approximately 250 people per sq. kilometre (650 per sq mi.), its inhabitants is concentrated most closely in urban areas, coastal plains, and valleys.

Haiti’s population was about 9.8 million based on UN 2008 estimates, with half of the inhabitants being beneath 20 years old. The first formal census, taken in 1950, confirmed a population of three.1 million. The African people of Haiti derived from various areas, spanning from Senegal to the Congo. Most of which were brought from West Africa, with a considerable number additionally introduced from Central Africa.

Other festivals include the Festivales del Santo Cristo de Bayaguana on New Year’s Day. Events main up to Mass include a parade, music, and dance. Each January the Dominican Republic honors Juan Pablo Duarte with gun salutes in Santo Domingo and quite a few carnivals throughout the country.

Some of those groups embody those from the previous Kongo kingdom , (Igbo Benin (Ewe and Yoruba) and Togo land. Others in Haiti were introduced from Senegal, Guinea , Sierra Leone, Windward Coast, Angola, Cameroon, Nigeria, Ghana, Togo, and Southeast Africa . The majority of Afro-Haitians are descendants of enslaved Africans dropped at the island by the Spanish Empire and the Kingdom of France to work on plantations. Since the Haitian revolution, Afro-Haitians have been the biggest racial group in the nation, accounting for 95% of the population in the early 21st century. The remaining 5% of the inhabitants is made up of mixed persons and different minor groups .

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Although Afro-Cubans may be found throughout Cuba, Eastern Cuba has the next focus of blacks than different elements of the island, and Havana has the most important population of blacks of any city in Cuba. Recently, many African immigrants have been coming to Cuba, especially from Angola. The music of Haiti is heavily influenced by the rhythms which got here from Africa with the slaves. Two of these rhythms come directly from the harbour and the Congo; a 3rd rhythm, the “petro”, developed on the island in the course of the colonial era.

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Duarte is well known as the person who gained independence from Haiti for the Dominican Republic. The premier culinary event in all the Caribbean is Taste SD, which takes place in October of each yr. Carnival celebrations are held within the Dominican Republic each February with parades, road dancing, food festivals, and music. Festivities also take place within the week main up to Easter Sunday.


These rhythms have created a musical type, rasin, where percussion is an important musical instrument, and regardless of being intently associated to faith has turn out to be a preferred kind of people music. Another kind of music, which arises spontaneously from folks with hand-held devices, is twoubadou, a musical fashion that has endured to this day. Currently the music heard in Haiti’s Compas genre is a little softer than the merengue, and combines Congo rhythms with European and Caribbean influences.

Intermarriage between diverse groups is so basic as to be the rule. Additionally, many North American Indians residing in Spanish missions in Georgia and Florida were evacuated to Spanish Cuba together with the fleeing Spanish settlers following the lack of Spanish Florida. As a result, descendants of the Calusa, Tequesta, Timucua and different now-extinct indigenous peoples of Florida at the moment are assimilated into the mainstream Cuban inhabitants. Of the Taínos the variety of people claiming descent have not been formally recorded.

A typically ignored but important component is that of the Taino folks, the indigenous folks of Hispaniola. The Tainos have been influential in the belief system of Haitian Vodou, particularly within the Petro cult, a religious group with no counterpart on the African continent. Characterized by the worship of the loa, the sect has influences from Native American folklore zemis. The complete northern space of Haiti is influenced by the practices of the Congo.